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 Hello. ermmmm

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PostSubject: Hello. ermmmm   Tue Nov 06, 2012 1:02 am

..I never properly introduced myself. So, I suppose I should. Especially if I plan to GM this server.

Anyways. My name is Serena. Feel free to call me Ser.

I'm 20 years old, and will turn 21 in December! My birthday is on Christmas eve. Which is pretty cool, I suppose.

I currently work as a multi-lingual interpreter for my City's court interpreting board. I usually work Sign language. But from time-to-time I get gigs in other languages that I studied. Such as Russian, Spanish, and Gaelic.

Speaking of Gaelic. I am an Irish Immigrant. I moved here to attend school, work, and take care of my younger brother (who moved here when he was 12, with my father; who later, dis-owned him.) when I was 17. My brother, Jord'n, who is currently, 18, was 15 at the time. So yeah- That explains my accent if you ever encounter it.

My brother lives with my boyfriend and I! His name is Regan. And he's super beautiful, kay? We've been dating since late 2009.

Here's a picture of me, so you can put a face with the name;

* I'm on the right. Dat tongue ring, tho.


Here's my lovely and sweet manfriend;


And here's my super awesome brother, Jord'n and his boyfriend, Caleb;


Anyhow. I'm REALLY excited to be a GM for this server. I work from my home, so It's easy to find free-time. It'll be my pleasure, and honor to help you guys out.
So just find me in-game! <[gmit]Serenas
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GFX Artist
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PostSubject: Re: Hello. ermmmm   Wed Nov 07, 2012 7:23 am

Hmmm. Inyeresting story! Btw you should learn Dutch. Which is, i think, the hardest language to learn. Wwhy? Since the grammar structure is completely different from any other language! Also we use words tjat have.more meanings!

Haha Smile GL on your GM
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Hello. ermmmm
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