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 DarkQt Gm Application

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PostSubject: DarkQt Gm Application   Fri Oct 26, 2012 9:55 pm

What is your name?
My name is Tony Very Happy And I'm 18 right now.
What is your Time Zone?
Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Well... My in game name is DarkQt.
Experience as a GM?
I have not been a Gm before. But I know how to be a Gm. My friend is a nice Gm in a game and he helps me and tells me about how to be a Gm and their jobs. I understand the job of a Gm. I know what I will be doing as a Gm.
How long have you played BoredMS?
I have been playing this game for at least 4 to 5 weeks now. This is an amazing and fun game. Enjoy the kindness of people. Everybody is so nice and happy. They are also SO friendly and nice.
Why Do You Like BoredMS?
Well... to say when I just started I thought this game was cool. The first thing I saw was people chatting. They were funny. It was funny by the way they were talking. They were funny and nice. They didn't mind me cutting in or anything. I can just stand there and then randomly ask a question and they will answer it. Also people are nice. They leech in at horntail. Unlike other games they do it for free. They don't make me pay like 5million 30 min leech. The Number One Thing I Like About Boredms Is... I can never get frustrated at people. It’s like I can't get frustrated. I wish I can play Boredms daily but I can't. I take many breaks and I get busy. Even though I only play when I get break this game still feels like friend to me. Or maybe a family member this is such a fun game. I try to play this game in every free second I get. Even if it’s a 5 seconds I will play it.
What would you do as a GM in BoredMS?
Unlike the other people that got chosen I will work harder. I will let the players have more fun than they ever have online. It sound funny but that is my goal is as a Gm. I will hold fun events. I will also make everybody LOL. I like people laughing. Even if it’s a game it makes me feel so important and that I have to keep on working. And like I say I will answer people’s question the first time they are given. Just like a child listening to a teacher. I will work hard make the people that got no clue get help. As a Gm I will hold fun events and answer people's question fast. I will worker harder than anyone here.
Why do you think we should choose you?(What sticks out about you)
Well to say I’m a pretty mature person by heart and outside. I don't consider people weird just because they did something. So pretty much I’m a person that don't like to mess with people or hurt there feeling. I’m pretty calm. Even in a game I wouldn't go jumping out like a monkey and screw with them. I don't really get annoyed if somebody is messing with me. So I don't know about myself. The way I think about myself is a calm and fun person. I’m like never grumpy or mad. I have never hurt anyone’s feeling once in like school years. I never did.
How would you deal with potential fights between 2 players and/or staff members?
Unlike most GMs when they see these kind of problem they go “OH MY GOD I HAVE TO BAN THEM! Or they d/c them or something. The first thing is to calm down and feel what they are feeling. It’s like what your teachers taught you "Put Yourself In There Shoe". When you know there feelings try to calm them down. Tell them to put themself in the other guy's shoe. If he don’t do not join them and argue. What you do is try to get help. If you got like 2 people to help you then you all talk to them and stop it. It’s all about being calm and thinking.
Will you quit if we decline your application?
The Answer is unknown. I still have a good chance of staying. Through my other Apps I learn something. If I don't get accept I should stay and still help more newbies. They can be confused or scared. I will keep on going to help them. But On my other side I say I should quit. But I agree with "Staying" better.
Tell Us About yourself
I’m 17 right and I’m going to be 18 when its jan,1, 2013. I play the violin. I like music and I like the high and rich sound of a violin. I’m out of ideas now. I just hope I get chosen.
I hope I get to make it this time. For this app I use all the time I got and edited it. And to say I can do better than what I wrote. I can’t everything about self in words. I couldn’t think of a word that fitted me

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PostSubject: Re: DarkQt Gm Application   Sat Oct 27, 2012 1:51 am

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PostSubject: Re: DarkQt Gm Application   Sat Oct 27, 2012 5:30 pm

I like your dedication to the server. However, I do not think you're the person the staff needs. As of now this application is denied.
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PostSubject: Re: DarkQt Gm Application   

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DarkQt Gm Application
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